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PEX causes CANCER….?!
If you want to know if a specific product is listed NSF, search it here: http://www.https://www.nsf.org/certified-products-systems
Interesting articles to read concerning leaching:
Government of Canada (leaching): https://bit.ly/35Rgy6S
NSF studies (leaching): https://bit.ly/2HeLqnJ
Norwegian Institute of Public Health studies: https://bit.ly/2RGlqU1
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Start – 0:00
The pipes the that convey our water – 0:48
The interview – 2:18
Who is NSF (National Sanitation Foundation)? – 3:23
Is NSF governmentally owned? – 5:37
Who writes these standards? – 6:54
How to tell if a product is certified NSF? – 8:44
Is it safe to drink water from plastic piping? – 10:15
Chemical “leaching”? – 13:28
Does this “leaching” ever stop? – 14:40
Is the “leaching” worst on hot water/ recirculation line? – 17:28
Does PEX cause CANCER? – 19:17
Will standard water filters help with the chemicals? – 20:22
How do other types of water react with PEX leaching? – 22:18
Conclusion – 24:23
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