How to install a Shower Valve & Shower Head – DIY

Watch video! Learn how to finish the install of a shower head and shower valve in your new washroom. Perfect for DIY’s in a new reno or home build.

Additional Tips
• Arguably, handheld shower heads are more practical than fixed ones.

• A low-flow shower head saves both water and the energy your water heater must use to deliver a comfortable bathing experience.

• Metal shower heads generally perform better than plastic ones. Look for chrome finishes and brass construction. Ease of adjustment and problem-free longevity justify the added cost of such fixtures.

• Metal hoses on handheld shower heads are more flexible, and thus easier to manipulate, than plastic hoses.

• Shop online for greater choice, but visit stores for a chance to see and feel the products you’re considering. Expect to pay at least $80 for a quality model.

Don’t Panic: The Homeowner’s Guide to the Overflowing Sink

Dealing with a slow draining or clogged sink? Know when to call a professional plumber!

Why Do You Need To Use Septic Tank Risers?

Septic tanks help dispose of the dirty water from the house and purify it. However, for a septic tank to function efficiently, it must be maintained properly so that you do not have to suffer from clogged drains and a leaking plumbing system. Septic tank risers will help you have easier access to the area so that you can keep a check on it when necessary and also locate it easily.

Reduce Your Needs for Professional Plumbing Repairs

Many plumbing problems seem to appear out of nowhere, without any warning! They tend to shock you out of your wits and send you searching desperately for a plumber. Though you may think the malfunction cropped up suddenly, the fact is that the problem must have been brewing since some time.

Benefits to Using Plastic Drainage Pipe for Your Next Project

When it comes to choosing drainage pipe you have to make your way through the wide selection of materials to identify which one is going to be the best match to meet your particular project needs. Plastic drainage pipe has become a top choice and is the only drainage pipe used in all homes throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland since 1980. You may be wondering why choose plastic drainage pipe over strong concrete or clay, but the benefits speak for themselves.

Things to Bear in Mind When Buying Underground Drainage Pipe

When it comes to buying underground drainage pipe, if you don’t have knowledge of the plumbing or building industry, then you may find the selection of materials rather daunting. There are a host of different underground drainage pipe materials to choose from and identifying which one to use for your particular project can have you reeling with confusion. The most common choices include clay, plastic and concrete.

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