How to Solder Copper Pipe in a Wall (Complete Guide) | GOT2LEARN

Here’s a complete guide on how to solder without burning your house down. I’ll guide you thru all the necessary precautions in order to solder a copper joint safely, and the proper way.
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How to solder the correct way:
How to solder in a wall:
Amazon affiliate links to all the products I used in this video:
AutoCut Pipe Cutter 1/2″:
AutoCut Pipe Cutter 3/4:
Pencil Torch:
Handheld Torch:
Fitting Wire Brush 1/2″:
Fitting Wire Brush 3/4″:
Propane gas(Blue bottle):
Propene gas(Yellow bottle):
Lead-free tinning flux:
Lead-free flux(water soluble):
Flux brushes:
Lead-free solder:
Flame protector:
Flint striker:
Abrasive pads:
Utility knife:
Pencil reamer:
All-in-one deburring tool (blue):
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