How to Unclog a Shower Drain with a Shop-Vac

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Tools Required:
– Shop Vac
– Screwdrivers (Phillips & Flat Head)
– Rag or wash cloth

Questions To Ask Your Water Damage Contractor

Good to know information if you need to hire a contractor to aid in restoring your property after experiencing water damage. There are some great contractors out there who are experienced, qualified and honest. But there are also some who are not, so we hope this article will help.

Easy Solutions for a Kitchen Sink That Drains Slow

Fix your clogged kitchen sink drain all on your own! Or choose to consult a state licensed master plumber for advice on fixing a slow-draining kitchen sink.

Guide to Drain Cleaning For Residential And Commercial Establishments

Drain cleaning is the most neglected maintenance that most homeowners and commercial establishments fail to consider when it comes to yearly maintenance of their properties. Drain cleaning, however is the most crucial more so for old building structures as not only will it help maintain the building’s market value, it would also prevent any costly repairs later on.

How To Deal With Water Damage In Your Home

Has a leak, flood, or burst pipe caused water damage to your home? Find out what to do next in this short article.

Garbage Disposal Do’s and Don’ts

When John Hammes invented the garbage disposal in 1927, his In-Sink-Erator changed the world forever. Today, it’s rare to see a house without one and it’s on everyone’s list of must-have home amenities. Many people hold on to some erroneous or antiquated perceptions about the old “electric pig” (as Mr. Hammes first called it), some of which may actually lead to harm the disposer or your plumbing system. Read on for some professional plumbing tips for keeping your disposal clean and running well.

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