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Lead-free tinning flux:
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Plumbing Repairs – When To Call A Professional Plumber

Repairing your plumbing fixtures can be a tedious task. A number of people who are not confident about their plumbing skills now simply trust a professional plumber to do the job. Here are certain instances where it could often be more beneficial to call in a plumber.

Soundproofing ABS Plumbing Pipes

Soundproofing plumbing pipes is usually overlooked during new home construction. Given the opportunity, I always insulate every wall inside the home on all levels using R12 or R14 fibreglass batting. No vapour barrier is required because you are only doing this for soundproofing reasons and not for energy efficiency. This “extra” insulation provides a tremendous sound deadening effect to all rooms not just to eliminate water noises like flushing toilets but also to achieve greater privacy from room to room.

A to Z Guide to Backwater Valves

Backwater valves are important to install in your basement to prevent the reverse flow of sewage into our house. Learn how to reduce the risk of basement flooding and why a backwater valve is crucial for flood prevention.

Necessary Services That a Good Plumbing Service Can Provide

Plumbing is the complex system of assembly devices, drains, fittings, pipes, tubes and valves etc, that distribute water in a home for a variety of purposes as well as remove waste water from utilities. Plumbing is distinctly different from sewage systems; simply it means that plumbing can be used to address the water supply and drainage lines in a home whereas sewage systems include a group of buildings. The term ‘plumbing’ originates from the Latin word ‘plumbum’ which stands for “Lead”; pipes were once made from lead and lead is denoted by the abbreviation ‘Pb’.

How to Choose a Good Plumbing Service

Home maintenance is a serious task and you can be caught unaware by a nagging problem if proper care is not taken. But if you should find yourself caught in the middle of a situation like a plumbing breakdown or repair, your reaction has to be swift and accurate to prevent more damage to home and property. Kitchen and bathroom sinks are notorious for causing problems suddenly due to blocked or leaking pipes; broken taps etc.

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