The 10 tools you NEED when starting as a PLUMBER! | GOT2LEARN

In this video, i’ll be going thru the 10 most important tools you’ll need as an apprentice plumber. A lot of beginners ask me: What tools should I get for my first day on the job? Well, here it is!

#1- Channel Lock 8″ Adjustable Pliers:
#2- Stanley 8″ Adjustable Wrench:
#3- Stanley 8M/26ft Tape Measure:
#4- Stanely 9″ Torpedo Level:
#5- OLFA Utility Knife:
#6- Chalk Pencil w/ Holder:
#7- Stanley AVX Hammer:
#8- Picquik 8 in 1 Multibit Screwdriver:
#9- Ridgid Small Pipe Cutter:
– Ridgid Big Pipe Cutter:
#10- Ridgid 14″ Aluminum Pipe Wrench:
#11- Tool Pouch:

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