Uponor ProPEX is the future of plumbing, in this video i’ll show you everything you need to know to get started with this system, the pros and cons and who exactly it’s meant for.

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Toilet Leaking? Do This First

A toilet leaking in your home can feel like an albatross around your neck. While it may not necessarily require an epic poem to be written about your struggles, toilet issues certainly weigh you down in a way that most things in life just won’t.

Five Signs You Need A Water Purification System

Have you ever found it odd that when you travel & stay in either a hotel or at a friend’s house, one of the first things you notice is what the water tastes like? You figure clean water is clean water everywhere, but when something seems amiss in terms of the taste, you realize that there must be an issue with water purification. It may not necessarily mean that there’s anything particularly sinister going on, but it can be hard to ignore a slightly ‘off’ taste to water you are drinking.

The Bunsen Air – A Very Reliable Renewable

Solar Assisted Heat pumps are an emerging technology, but are sure to save their users a lot of money. One thing we could take away from the ‘Beast from the East’, was that despite people’s condensing boilers freezing all over the UK, solar assisted heat pumps continued to heat water in temperatures as low as -6 degrees!

Water Treatment Fundamentals

Improving the quality of water involves disinfection plus purification of untreated surface and ground water. Community Level A public/private water treatment facility aims to make water safe to drink and pleasant to taste, while also making sure that there is enough water to supply the needs of the community. Raw, untreated water comes from an underground aquifer (via wells) or surface water sources like a river or lake.

Techniques to Troubleshoot Water Leaks in Your Premise

Once you are sure that there is a water leak in your premise, consult a dependable plumbing company immediately to fix the issue. It is recommended to carry out a thorough plumbing inspection after 6 months or once in a year to ensure that there is no sign of trouble.

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