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This video is going to get rid of all of the misconceptions that the plumbing trade has, if you are looking to become a plumber, WATCH THIS FIRST!!!

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Time stamps
Start – 0:00
Awkward positions – 0:33
Germs – 1:58
Temperature – 2:55
Heavy lifting – 3:28

The Homeowner’s Guide On How Compression Fittings Work

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How to Fix Your Plumbing Problems Effectively

If you manage the household budget, you’ll know that one of the biggest chunks often comes from household repairs, particularly if anything in the house needs replacement and if it happens more often than you’d like. Plumbing problems in particular, are just some of the problems many homeowners wish they could do without because having to call in a professional plumber can be a costly expense. However, it is quite necessary to call in the professionals sometimes because there are problems that we cannot solve on our own. Even if you possess more than basic plumbing knowledge, there are jobs that are quite tricky to undertake on your own so the best alternative would be to call in a plumber.

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Frozen or Busted Pipes

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Home Improvements – Water Conservation In And Around Your Home

Many cities and municipalities are introducing new water conservation measures in an attempt to reduce water consumption during the dry summer months. To this end, many are beginning to install water meters for billing purposes and are moving from a flat rate system to a user pay system. This article reminds you to look for leaks in and out of your house and offers some water saving solutions.

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